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Use the VELUX Roof Pitch app to measure the pitch of your roof and thereby your choice of roof window. The height and placing of the roof window have to be adjusted according to the pitch of the roof. The lower the roof pitch, the longer the roof window”. VELUX recommends that the top of the roof window is installed app.

Try different window combinations in your own room to match your daylight dreams.

Picture daylight in your home with VELUX roof windows in augmented reality and find certified . Use the VELUX Installer app for professionals to inspire your clients with their options for improving indoor. Die VELUX Handwerker- App bietet innovative Beratungs- und Präsentationstools für Kundengespräche. The benefits of daylight and fresh air. Get tips on how to design with this in mind.

Creating a good flow in your home. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!

The iPad app is designed to help your business by inspiring and engaging customers for improving indoor living quality with VELUX products. Tijdens uw dagelijkse werkzaamheden met VELUX producten is het handig om goede hulpmiddelen bij de hand te hebben. VELUX heeft daarom voor u een aantal Apps ontwikkel die u kunnen helpen bij het adviseren, bestellen en monteren van VELUX producten. Deze Apps zijn gratis te downloaden vanuit de App.

Velux app promotion – installer. Compare different VELUX solutions in the same room and visualize the difference in indoor natural lighting. Download the VELUX Experience App. VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo is a smart sensor-based home solution that intelligently automates the opening, closing and shading of skylights to deliver a better indoor climate for all. It is fully integrated with Apple HomeKit . Check out the daily app ranking, rank history, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like VELUX Installer on iOS Store.

The current version of the App , which is still available on iOS and Android fans for those that downloaded it in the past, will no longer be updated with news. Behold the first virtual reality daylight app. The main purpose for the PSD design is to showcase your web or mobile app , with an overall aesthetic that entices users explore the functionality and features of your application. An app that facilitates the work of VELUX installers all over the world.

It visualizes VELUX solutions through videos and pics, brings easy access to product info and assists the installer through the sales process.

Official account for the VELUX Group. Sie planen den Ausbau oder die Renovierung Ihres Dachbodens? Mit der neuen VELUX MyDaylight App gestalten Sie Ihren persönlichen Dachraum und. Tageslicht-Situationen – solange bis es Ihnen gefällt.

Mit der App können Sie in wenigen Schritten die Raumgröße, . Moreover, we needed to create a global solution for all of VELUX markets. Try out VELUX products at home with our VELUX Experience App.