Zip screen

The ZIP SCREEN is a unique screen system. With its sophisticated technical design, it creates a modern touch to administrative buildings and family homes. When in the closed position, . External roller screen , screen fabric, remote control operation, zip guides, cassette system, auto tensioning. Zipscreen external shade blinds allow you to seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.

By enclosing your alfresco entertaining areas, outdoor patio blinds protect you from the elements – be they rain, wind or sun – and ensure privacy and complete comfort.

Zips Screens are ideal for enclosing your alfresco entertaining areas or outdoor patio. They offer protection for wind sun or rain. Zip Screen blinds look great and ensure privacy and comfort. Specially, ensures great privacy and year-round protection from sun, win rain and insects. Mer solid enn en tradisjonell screen.

Zip screens er ekstra effektive i værutsatte områder. Rolety Screen Zip – najnowocześniejszy system rolet zewnętrznych o wielofunkcyjnym zastosowaniu. Innowacyjność systemu polega na wbudowaniu zamka w prowadnice co zapewnia idealne napięcie tkaniny oraz szczelne połączenie prowadnicy z materiałem.

Prowadnice oraz kaseta wykonane są z wysokiej jakości . Perfect for balconies, verandas and pergolas without obstructing your view. Whether you opt for motorised or manually controlled . Dzięki rewolucyjnemu systemowi napinania materiału w prowadnicach ZIP , screen znacznie zwiększa odporność rolety na wiatr, po zamknięciu zastępuje siatkę na owady, a w przypadku użycia materiału typu blackout zapewni bardzo skuteczne zaciemnienie. System ten występuje wyłącznie w wersji . Die Textilscreens zipSCREEN werden an Fenster, Fassade oder Terrasse montiert und reflektieren in hohem Mass die Sonneneinstrahlung, die so um bis zu reduziert werden kann.

Das schafft an heissen Tagen ein angenehmes Raumklima und verhindert tagsüber neugierige Blicke von aussen, ohne dass zu viel . HIGH-PERFORMANCE BUILDING ENVELOPE SOLUTIONS. SCREEN textile screens from ROMA not only provide you with the best energy efficiency, heat protection, glare protection, indoor climate and security for your home. Our sun shading systems – especially. Our roll screen products can be versatile used not only sun shading but also noise cutting off and light cutting off. We can provide you the product line-up for electrical operation and manual operation and various types of fabric according to the situations.

Besides, our roll screen with Zip system can be used the place where . This is a system where both sides of the fabric are joined to a zip to prevent it from coming out thus providing a greater wind resistance than conventional systems.