Smart glass film

Dim it, Trim it, Project on it, Blocks UV, Easy to install. About of these are building glass, are. Smart Glass Film by Smart Tint.

Switchable smart film with a self-adhesive static cling layer for retrofitting to existing glass windows, screens and partitions. Retrofit your existing glass – simply peel and stick! Its self-adhesive layer sticks to any existing glass without any special equipment.

Visit our site smartglasscountry. Generally, the glass changes from translucent to transparent, changing from blocking some (or all) wavelengths of light to letting light pass through. Thinnest switchable film on the market – can be installed directly onto existing glass panels. Gives state-of-the-art transparency and clarity. Projected smart glass global revenues of $4.

Very rarely do you come across an industry with such tremendous demonstrated demand that is still in its infancy. InvisiShade is a global leader in developing this rapidly- expanding market. Contact us today to see how we can help grow your business while . Intelligent Glass switchable smart film for retrofit applications on windows and internal glazing.

It is manufactured with . SMART FILM which is made of two layers of transparent conductive films sandwiched with polymer dispersed liquid crystal material, is the core material to make smart glass. By controlling the modem switch, it can turn glass from transparent to opaque, and back again in milliseconds. Easily switch from clear (transparent) to frosted ( opaque).

Not everyone has the wallet to equip every window in their home with a brand new technology. This product, known as a digital shade, fits over existing wall surfaces to retrofit your windows with WiFi-enabled tint technology. You can take the glass from . When electrified , the film turns into transparent glass and returns to its frosted glass appearance once the electricity is turned off. ANY window into a high-tech electronic privacy window quickly, easily, and affordably. Sick of having electronic window shades shielding you from the outside?

Quality glass made right here in the USA. Vario Privacy is smart glass technology that serves as an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly electronic blind or privacy screen, offering instant visual privacy at the touch of a button. It can also be activated according to . Thin- film smart glass puts rivals in the shade.

Electrochromic glass – which instantly glazes or shades at the flick of an electrical switch – has proved popular in a range of applications where the control of light and heat is important. But the physical nature of the glass and the costs involved limit the . Kewei Film New Material Co. Yanjiang Industrial Zone, Dingshan Town, Pengze County, .