Plectranthus caninus

Add beauty to your garden and a secret weapon against pesky dogs and cats. Full publication details for this name . A beautiful easy to grow succulent-like plant. Incredible easy to root a cutting of any size in moisture control potting soil in the shade.

Plectranthus brevimentum , Plectranthus brevimentum T. No more Cats using your garden as a litter tray!

Experiments with over 3plants have now produced the ultimate deterrent. Plants in The Succulent Choice R range have been selected for their striking appearance and their ability to grow well with minimal attention, even in difficult situations. They are generally very drought and frost hardy, requiring little more than lots of sun, free draining soil or potting mix, small amounts of fertilizer . Profusely branched herbs, clothed with soft hairs.

Their pretty mauve flowers, that appear in short dense spikes, do however attract . Kenya Literature Bureau, Nairobi, Kenya. Plants visited by bees and other useful plants of Umalila, southern Tanzania. Latham, DFI United Kingdom. African traditional medicine: a .

Author, Amazonia Exotics U. Email addresses are given on the home page. AcetylcoIeon J C22H28° M 388. Di-Ac: 12- Diacetylcoleon J C24H30°M 430. This plant is probably one of the . Thulin (Clerodendrum, Premna, Rotheca, Vitex) . Musím podotknout, že jsem to otestoval na našich zahradních kočkách (ochránci zvířat prominou) a dal jim list očichat. In winter, her fists in the form of rooted cuttings.

Among other things, it can be used in mixed containers summer. Plante vivace herbacée pouvant atteindre une hauteur de m. Odeur particulière de mouflette que détestent les chiens et les chats. Sert de répulsif pour ceux-ci. Click here to find out more. Closely related to Solenostemon, they are commonly called spurflowers.

They can be grown in a cool greenhouse or conservatory or outdoors in baskets, pots or in sunny borders. The foliage is often ornamental and the flowers are small . Coleus caninus (Roth) Vatke, Coleus omahekense Dinter. Scaredy Cat, Scardy Plant, Cat Repellent Plant, Dogs Be Gone Coleus. This taxon was not selected in any .

CalPhotos Photo Database. Using this photo This image has a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3. Global Plant Initiative, Digitized type specimens, descriptions and use. Tropicos, Nomenclature, literature .