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Shop for nixie tube clock on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. Nixie Shop is an excellent place for buying a gift for your friends or yourself – the nixie clock. Nixie clocks are unique devices built with modern technology and neon tubes from Cold War era. Millclock – Shop the cheapest Nixie Tube Clock,Thermometer and other millclock.

Buy Classic Nixie Tube Clock Kit – In-Tubes, See Through Acry: Home Audio – Amazon.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Whereas the IN-clock gave the impression of being a pre-production unit, the Nixie Six is very definitely a mature production design. There are no rough corners or loose ends, and everything fits properly and clearly a lot of time has gone into making it a polished unit. Indee the clock version number, printed on the . Nuvitron design: Nixie Tube Clock , Tube Amp and Wooden Bookshelf speaker using vintage electronics from the Cold War era – Check the coolest retro gadgets ! The case is designed in a minimalistic way, combining simple.

The production of such a surface is significantly more labour intensive, this is reason for higher price of this option.

My name is Peter Jensen, and this site features the nixie tube clocks that I design and build by hand. After over twelve years of selling nixie clocks , I have decided to start ramping down TubeClock. Clocks and kits are no longer available. All our Nixie tube clocks are carefully hand crafted. We spend over hours on one item.

We make each and every clock of an alder and create retro-inspired enclosures. You may choose the color you want for your personal vintage Nixie tube clock : . Explore Nixie Tube , Steampunk Clock , and more! Nixie Clock Kits shipped worldwide to over countries. The Six Digit Nixie Tube Clock combines original Russian New Old Stock Nixie tubes with user-controlled colors of LED lighting, and the hands of Father Time. The Vintage Nixie Tube Clock , with its gorgeous combination of old school technology and a fine, wooden enclosure created in the art deco style, is much more than a d. My friend and I are trying to make money by making and selling things.

I think that nixie tube clocks would be a good thing to make and sell, because the retro look makes them very popular and sellable. If we were to sell them though, we would need to know several things. Would it be better to sell them fully assembled or in.

It is true that Nixie tubes are no longer in production, so there is a finite supply.

And yes, prices are going up, but not so steeply for small ones and common types. But based on the growing abundance of nixie clocks and kits, and the increasing number of sources appearing from Eastern Europe, there is still a very steady . I found Paul and Bad Dog Designs by accident and after looking at his website several times, commissioned a clock using a vintage Bush Radio as the case.