Keim granital

Highly filled exterior paint for base and intermediate coats. KEIM Granital may be used on any mineral substrate. Can be used as a bridging coat on previously painted . DISPERSIONS-SILIKATFARBE DER EXTRAKLASSE.

Das mineralische Prinzip sichert höchste Qualität und Lebensdauer.

Extrem beständig, besonders umweltfreundlich, höchst wirtschaftlich. How it works and how to use it. Find out more about other KEIM. Hochgefüllte Fassadenfarbe für Grund- und Zwischenanstriche. TM Technisches Merkblatt.

Untergrundvorbereitung: Der Untergrund muss tragfähig, trocken, saugfähig, sauber, staub- und fettfrei sein. Lose Teile, Verschmut- zungen, ölhaltige Stoffe, Moose .

KEIM GRANITAL is a proven extremely long life exterior mineral paint system with excellent covering power, is non fading and contains only lightfast inorganic colour pigments. Colourfast and UV resistant. Resistant to mould and fungal growth. Free from solvents, biocides and preservatives.

Silicate-based ready to use exterior coating. Excellent for all mineral substrates as it shares their natural physical properties and thermal movement characteristics for unusually long life. Dilute with KEIM Spezial Dilution.

Dries to a flat matte finish. Watch this video to how Keim granital exterior paint system and related products offer unsurpassed beauty and protection that will last for decades. Mineral silicate paint) with absolutely light-fast inorganic pigments and mineral fillers. It offers water repellency, high vapour permeability and forms a chemical bond with. Luftschichtdicke: sd ≤ m. Special alkaline composition works alongside mineral paints.

It can be used to bridge hairline cracks and equalise the surface in preparation for the top coat. Keim Granital may be used on any mineral substrate. It is compatible with all other products in the Granital system.

The system offers water repellency, vapour permeability and forms a chemical crystalline bond . Unpainted Smooth Surfaces – 0.