Hempel epoxy primer

A two-component epoxy primer or mid-coat containing zinc phosphate as corrosion inhibiting pigment. It cures to a strong and rustpreventing coating. As a finishing coat where a cosmetic appearance is of less importance.

Shop Hempel Epoxy Primer Undercoat Light Primer – Stone Grey – 750ml. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more.

A two component high performance epoxy primer and undercoat for use both above and below the waterline. Use on glassfibre, woo steel and aluminium. Superb corrosion, impact and water resistance. Can also be used for osmosis . Particularly suitable for aluminium and as a primer for keels and rudders. The primer is especially suitable for aluminium and can be . The high-quality, two-component epoxy primer is suitable for below and above the waterline.

On rigid substates, it forms a good barrier against ingress of water vapour, on GRP for osmosis prevention and repair, on metals for corrosion protection.

It can be processes also on plywood and hardwood. They can be applied in immersed and non-immersed areas of any offshore asset, from offshore platforms and drilling rigs . Two pack product used on bare aluminium, fibreglass, bronze or steel underwater. Great high solids with high adhesion. It forms a hard and tough coating resistant to water and petroleum products.

As a primer under and above the water line on boats made of aluminium, glass fibre reinforced polyester, plywood and . Solid content, by volume. Offers cathodic protection of local mechanical damage. HEMPEL Epoxy-Primer thinner no. Additional shipping costs apply.

Hempel Gel Protect SFE2is a two component amine adduct cured solvent-free epoxy high build primer. A solvent free two component high build epoxy. For use above and below the waterline.

An excellent osmosis protection or treatment which can be applied at, and will . Used as a first coat primer on Steel, Aluminium, Fibreglass and Ferro. Cures to an extremely hard non sandable primer that gives great protection to .

Also for prevention and. TAS TEAM SUZUKI KIDS HOODIE (Age 9-Years). VARNISH ORIGINAL GLOSS 750ML.