Google glasses alternatives

Augmented reality specs are finally approaching prime time, and plenty of startups are getting into the space. AR, fitness tracking and mixed reality are all . Believe it or not, there are plenty of alternatives out there — or on . Carl Zeiss Smart Glasses , Sony SmartEyeglass, and Cool Glass by Alto Tech are probably your best bets out of the options considered. See a list of the top options and learn their pros and cons.

Here are our favorite alternatives to Glass. IMHO one of the best alternatives is Vuzix, which makes glasses used in enteprise applications (e.g. warehouse management). Check out these interesting devices. Or just curious to know what other smart glass tech is out there.

However, this has inspired other brands to create. Companies scramble to be the first to market. The device has taken the tech world by storm, as it will allow wearers to snap photos, get directions, send messages and .

While wearable technology is certainly a top tech trend of the year, there are two big objections constantly being raised about the best-known . Vuzix is an American multinational technology firm headquartered in Rochester, New York. There are also AR headsets that create holograms with a . Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla 12. A beefier take on smart glasses, the ORA-S look more like sports goggles than eyeglasses and focuses on the quality of the optics. It features a bright, see-through, large field of view display with true see-through capability.

They lie and steal your true self. Looking glasses are perpetually deceitful. Feather-light titanium frames that you can have fit with your prescription or no prescription at all Complete with a microfiber case, precision screwdriver Thin frames with rimless bottom lenses, designed for the cutting edge Shale color.

The product is a set of smart glasses — “smartspecks” — that can give you heads-up directions, take pictures, record videos, display on . All of them features various new technologies. The SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-Esmart glasses are cheaper than Glass, but far less elegant. According to Tony Fadell, former CEO of Nest Labs Inc.

We road test Glass in and around London to find out. With smart mobile devices getting smarter, mobile app developers are equally contributing to make life easier.

To gauge what the alternatives offer, discussion on them will take place . Super light, not creepy, and definitely the future. WearablesAugmented RealityTech .